Discouragement, depression, sickness, unforgiveness, broken relationships, addictions and financial reversals are not God’s plan for the lives of His people.  You can experience abundant living —  power, joy, health, peace, love, freedom, and prosperity. Rosewood Center’s Experiencing Abundant Life ministry is not based on “self help” methods, but on the Biblically based sanctification process established by God.


Our model of prayer ministry is primarily pastoral.  We base our prayer ministry on principles of Scripture and depend on gifts of the Holy Spirit to help us understand the bitter roots of our problems, to forgive those who have wounded us and to receive forgiveness for judging those who have wounded us.  The result is a transformation that is life changing!

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Upcoming Experiencing Abundant Life Basic Training Sessions:  The next Experiencing Abundant Life Training is being scheduled and will be announced shortly.  The cost is $130 including book and manual. Please call for more information.  PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL ROSEWOOD CENTER TO REGISTER

EXPERIENCING ABUNDANT LIFE- The Rosewood Center “Experiencing Abundant Life” program is the fruit of 15 years of inner healing mfamily-semya-roditeli-deti-crop-u924inistry and training. It is an integrated approach to biblical healing accessible to Christians from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. This program covers the basic concepts of inner healing and easy to use tools that anyone can learn to use personally or in small group or family settings.

Program materials include the Experiencing Abundant Life book, Basic and Advanced Training Manuals, and Audio Teaching CD sets for each level of training. Materials may soon be purchased in our online store on the Resources Page of this website or through an authorizedlogo-ficm training center.

The major tools we use are: Freedom in Christ, Elijah House and SOZO. Advanced topics are also available for those who will practice this type of prayer ministry in a more formal way.

elijah-house-logo-redELIJAH HOUSE- “Our prayer counseling uses the Biblical principles and tools for the healing and transformation of the inner man that God has given John and Paula Sandford and their Elijah House Ministry.  Past issues are the roots of current unforgiveness, bitterness, negative life decisions and other strongholds in the heart. We listen to the Holy Spirit and follow His lead to transform individuals and also to enable them to reconcile with others as well as with God.

Training for other ministers to use this Elijah House method can be found through the Elijah House Website at

sozo-logo-green-crop-u1618SOZO MINISTRY      

The SOZO Ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry developed by the Bethel Church in Redding, California, to get to the root of those things that hinder a personal connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

SOZO MINISTRY FOR CHILDREN is now available. The adult SOZO tools have been adapted into simple vocabulary and imagery in order to easily minister to children.

                logo-ficmFREEDOM IN CHRIST

Seven steps to get out of the quagmires of life and become growing, fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ.

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