Healing Center

Introducing the plans for our Healing Center at 445 S. Kepler Road in Deland!


In October, 2015, Rosewood Center acquired 5 acres of land located at 445 S. Kepler Road in Deland.  Many years ago, God gave us a vision to build a Healing Center in Central Florida, and now God has provided a location. The 5-acre site is a high, dry, beautifully-wooded lot with 350 feet along Kepler Road.  We have made initial contacts with city planning and zoning departments. The land has been approved by Volusia County as tax exempt property.



Architectural design and civil engineering have started.  The Phase I Environmental Study was completed confirming that there are no environmental issues and allowing civil engineering to proceed.  A Special Exception request was submitted to the DeLand Planning Department to allow this ministry to be permitted on this land.  The request will be reviewed at the October 20 Planning Meeting.

We cleared a large area of the property near Kepler Rd. for parking.  We are planning a land blessing and a ground breaking ceremony scheduled on October 29th at 10:30am.

A Building Fund is opened to allow tax-exempt donations to be donated through this website using the link below.  These donations will be used for design and construction of the Healing Center.