Experiencing Abundant Life



Rosewood Center is a house of prayer and growth where spirit-led Christians gather to share prayer, worship and life. Here we can intercede in prayer, join with others in a network of prayer, experience holistic spiritual growth and enrichment, and receive counseling, direction and healing prayer in a safe-zone that is free from worldly influence and restraints. Through our Experiencing Abundant Life program, Rosewood Center teaches and publishes insights gained through prayer, sharing, growth, healing, and study. We support Christians in shining the truth and light of Jesus Christ into the world.

SOZO Ministry


We trust in God for sanctification and transformation to occur in those we serve.  We are made perfect through accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, and our inner salvation must become manifest (visible) in our outward lives. It is for this reason the Church exists, and within it, the ministry of the counselor.


The Christian counselor calls the individual to listen to the Spirit working in his or her life.  Although Jesus Christ accomplishes all transformation, the Holy Spirit reveals to each individual what is pertinent to personal transformation in his or her daily journey with God. Personal transformation is complete when the individual can praise God from a full heart, viewing each event in his or her life as one either sent or allowed by God.

God’s will for each of us is to transform — through Jesus Christ — our dust and ashes to love and joy, our ugliness to beauty, and our weakness to strengths.


Christian counseling and spiritual direction are at the heart of God’s call for the Experiencing Abundant Life ministry of the Rosewood Center. There has never been a time when the need for strong, godly people is as great as it is right now.

God has given us a mandate to set free and heal servants of Jesus Christ for the tasks ahead, and has granted us insights and training for this mission. We look forward to the new things that God has for us, and are grateful for the lives that we have been privileged to touch.  Thanks for your prayers!

— Dr. Pam and Curtis Russo-Stulting,


Dr. Pam and Curtis Russo-Stulting